Business Resource Center, Inc. is a business consulting and M&A advisory firm to the PEO and investment communities. We began our journey in 2013 and since then, have become a premier firm for PEO expertise.

BRC has consulted with PEOs ranging from startup operations to national players. We take a logical approach to consulting by understanding our client’s current status versus their desired positioning. We then develop a strategy, based on an agreed upon timeline, and reverse engineer into a plan of execution to drive material progress on time and within budget.

We have worked with many private equity investors on acquisitions and have served as the buy-side advisor on some of the larger deals in the past 7+ years. This includes conducting formal due diligence, sourcing acquisition targets, post-acquisition consulting and value creation, executive reports, and investment committee presentations.

Our team is comprised of internal and external members equipped with the knowledge, experience, and track-record to drive meaningful results within our client organizations.

Our sister organization is NPG ( NPG is an online PEO Publication and leading content-driven publication focused on the PEO industry.

We look forward to connecting with you to learn more about your PEO or private equity strategy to identify if Business Resource Center, Inc. is the right partner for you.