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    Top Line Growth
    Your organization’s revenue growth is dependent on a multitude of factors working simultaneously in harmony. Your growth or lack thereof, is a direct reflection of how well received your product/service is within your target markets, market penetration methods and the overall customer experience with your organization.

    An effective Top-Line growth should coincide with a well-run organization that delivers a useful product/service to the end user. This should be achieved in a manner that drives a positive experience and results in repeat business, referrals and effective and favorable branding.

    The areas covered in this section are designed to help drive effective Top-Line growth in order to maximize the market penetration in accordance with the ability that your company has to deliver.
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    Sales Analysis
    Is your organization’s sales force driving you forward or holding you back? Are the expectations that are driven in the marketplace by your sales professionals commensurate with your deliverables? Is your company utilizing the most effective and cost efficient market penetration channels and methods?

    Analyzing your company’s sales process is the starting point to ensuring that your company has an effective market penetration strategy and the ability to deliver on set expectations. Areas of focus include:

    • Pricing strategies
    • Referral and residual customer review
    • Talent metrics (top pushes the median)
    • Loop cycle methodology
    • Projections / goals / benchmarks
    • Deliverables review
    • Target market identification
    • Onboarding / vetting sales talent
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    Sales Training
    Effective sales training begins with education and acclimation with deliverables and presentation methods. This is followed up with tools, resources and the identification of channels for successful market penetration. Business Resource Center, Inc.will seek to understand your product/service offering, identify markets and uncover the advantages to your offering and the hurdles than will detract from prospect reception.

    At which point, BRCI will outline a sales training platform that will help structure the foundation with how the product/service is taken to market. Part of the evaluation process will be to ensure that there is not a major disconnect between what is sold and what is delivered as that would be perilous to your brand, referral potentials and residual business.

    • Sales methods and training
    • Identify channels of opportunity
    • Ops to Sales / Sales to Ops cycle
    • Mushroom penetration
    • Benchmarking
    • Visibility metrics
    • Compensation structure review
    • Market penetration techniques
    • Presentation strategies and angles
    • Role play scenarios with coaching
    • Objection to close methods
    • Talent acquisition and retention
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    Effective talent acquisition is essential to production and longevity of any organization. Workforce payroll is generally one of the, if not the highest cost factors on a business’s P&L. Ensuring that your organization has effective talent scouting and onboarding processes is vital to maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

    Business Resource Center, Inc. provides consultative services in this area in the form of:

    • Recruitment platforms
    • Onboarding methods
    • Effective channels for talent acquisition
    • Compensation/benefits package review
    • Fee based direct hire sourcing
    • Networking methods for future talent
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    Workforce Management
    Alignment and clarity of objectives are key components to a workforce marching in the same direction. Talent acquisition and proper employee vetting are also important to make certain the appropriate players make up the fabric of your workforce. The talent you employ can be the greatest asset to your organization or the biggest detractor from your net profit. Do you have the right people onboard and is your organizational development heading in the right direction?

    • Increased visible metrics
    • Goal to achievement benchmarking
    • Management training
    • Pushing the median dial forward
    • Accountability/Reward programs
    • Management platforms
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    Brand Management
    Your company’s brand is the overall identity that is synonymous with how your organization is viewed internally and externally. If your company were a person, your brand would be the persona and character of that person. Brand management is in place to compliment your organization and illustrate a clear and concise picture to tell the appropriate story of your organization, what it stands for, the experience it delivers and the lasting impression that should be felt.

    Brand management that isn’t backed up by performance to achieve the projected brand is window dressing and short lived. When Business Resource Center, Inc. assists a company with its brand, it is essential to understand the organization first in order to project an accurate message. Once this is identified, the supporting framework of marketing, design and messaging can be appropriately positioned.
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    BRCI views effective marketing is the process of driving the appropriate message to your desired audience with dependable response indicators which equate to increased business opportunities and the strengthening of your brand.

    While there are many avenues in which to market your company and its services/products, Business Resource Center, Inc. will review the most cost effective methods to drive the results your organization needs. Some of the key avenues that you may want to consider would be:

    • Channel Marketing
    • Advertising
    • Strategic Events
    • Web &Social Media
    • Print Media
    • Shotgun / Sniper Email Marketing

    Effective marketing often hinges on the appropriate research to ensure that you are spending your money on avenues that will land in an impact zone of your target audience to maximize your return rate. Again, the end result of any marketing efforts should positively drive your brand and create new opportunities.
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    Marketing Collateral
    Designing superior marketing material will help tell your company story; not only to those whom you’ve met, but to those whom you have not yet met. A company must make the assumption when delivering a brochure or other marketing collateral that the document will travel beyond those whom you had the opportunity to meet. Therefore, your marketing material should convey your desired message when you are not able to voice it yourself.

    Business Resource Center, Inc. adheres to the above thought process when designing your material. This ensures that your marketing collateral is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also delivers a concise message to the end user without requiring supporting explanation. While marketing collateral should never be used in place of human interaction to deliver your company’s message, it should support the vision and not hinder your market education process.

    • Company brochures
    • Product Catalog
    • Email marketing brochures
    • Event marketing
    • Tradeshow booth design
    • Promotional items
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    Become A Referral Partner
    Taking care of your client is a key for your business. Driving results for you and your client is pivotal to ours. When referring business to Business Resource Center, Inc. you and your clients will experience professionalism and quantifiable results, driven by qualified industry experts from Business Resource Center and its consultative partners.

    Becoming a referral partner opens the door to the resources and expertise your clientele requires and also provides you with an additional revenue stream based on the services/programs that your client enters into. To become a referral partner or to learn more, please contact us by clicking here.