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    Production consulting with Business Resource Center, Inc. is designed to put industry expert eyes on an existing operation to identify any areas of improvement. The industry experts utilized in our model are tenured professionals who not only have the background and expertise in their respective fields, but also are responsible for driving results daily within their current companies. This approach is designed to bridge the gap between consultative theory and a practical solution in order to create a manageable platform that will drive lasting results.
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    The key with identifying any solution is being able to see the issue at hand. Hitting a moving piñata is hard enough, hitting it blindfolded is increasingly difficult. This is why Business Resource Center consultants begin the process by physically analyzing production flow and cross referencing those findings with current net profit yield. By outlining the gap between current net profit and desired net profit, we can what portion production will play in achieving an increase in net profit and how far the dial needs to move with production standards.
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    As important as methods and processes are to production, equally important are the people that drive that model on a daily basis. Ensuring that your organization has the appropriate workforce to yield the desired results is a pivotal aspect of production in any field. This is why Business Resource Center, Inc. will conduct a comprehensive valuation process for the positions within your production process to ensure that benchmarks are set for quantifiable future results. With any position, when the top producing employees emerge, the median dial for production standards should progress and equate to an overall production increase.
    Is your organization currently producing to the level of capability? What hurdles have been identified that are holding you back from potential? Which hurdles have yet to be outlined? Business Resource Center, Inc. will conduct a thorough analysis to identify paths for greater productivity while seeking to engineer around or through current obstacles. This identification process will include evaluating current operating methods in conjunction with employee production standards followed by a customized plan of action for continuous improvement.
    Business Resource Center, Inc. conducts a full review of your company’s current supply chain to identify and outline any areas of weakness in the current flow process. Our consultants are well versed in supply chain management, negotiations, offshoring, outsourcing and domestic and global logistics. Reviewing your current process flow, suppliers, methods of distribution and flow process will outline the best tactics to reducing costs and gaining reliable efficient results.
    Business Resource Center, Inc. utilizes 6 sigma black belts in their respective fields to drive the lean process. The end result is to improve quality cost effectively while decreasing production turnaround time resulting in greater output of quality product at a lesser time value equating to increased company net profit and customer satisfaction. Areas of focus include:

    • Kaizen
    • 5S methodology
    • TQM(total quality management)
    • VSM(value stream mapping)
    • VA vs. NVA (value add/non value add)
    • Improve FPY (first pass yield)
    • Root cause analysis
    • TPM (total preventative/productive)
    • SPC (statistical process control)
    • DFM (design for manufacturing)
    • DFA (design for assembly)