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    An efficient operational platform is the backbone of a sound and functional organization. All aspects of business flow through and are impacted by operational efficiencies or deficiencies. Competent operations will support growth and assist in the alleviation of excess overhead expenses. A superior operations platform will support company initiatives and messaging and help drive the direction of the organization. Operational proficiency should be the nucleus of a model, supporting and allowing other functioning aspects of business to thrive.
  • PLANNING / MAPPING Profile Image
    Today’s path is tomorrow’s destination. For your business, it is important to not only create a path to success but also to systematically reevaluate this course in order to course correct where needed. All departmental planning and mapping should coincide and support the overall direction and vision of the organization be designed to complement each other towards a common goal. Areas of focus include:

    • Strategic planning
    • Growth initiatives
    • Organizational messaging
    • Financial mapping
    • Departmental alignment
    • Infrastructure review
    • Trainings/Education
    • Forms/policies/procedures
    Is the current organizational structure within your company functioning at a capacity to support goals and initiatives? Do your operations provide a clear vision and direction to all departments? Ensuring that your company has clear objectives, core values and guiding direction remove the guesswork out of company direction and help foster a suitable platform for interdepartmental communication. Business Resource Center, Inc. seeks to align its training and review platform with client company culture, direction and objectives while providing valuable insight into areas of improvement and/or restructure.
    Outlining in writing the core traits, expectancies and framework for your operating platform will curb future headaches and remove the guesswork out of company structure and directives. Appropriately developed policies and procedures will reduce liability and improve communication. This framework should serve as a guiding light in appropriate protocol and protect the organization from undue surprises. Areas of focus include:

    • Policy review
    • Employee handbook
    • IIPP & safety program development
    • Compliance audit
    • Training materials
    • Tailgate topics
    • Onboarding process review
    • Procedural trainings