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Business Resource Center, Inc. is a managment consulting and M&A advisory firm with an emphasis in the PEO industry. While the company focuses on the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry, BRC also works with private equity, investment banking, sports franchise, manufacturing, insurance and professional service industries. The organization is comprised of three main divisions; mergers & acquisitions, business consulting and a managing general agency (MGA) that represents over 50 PEOs. BRC takes a results focused and ethical approach to achieving superior results for its client’s stakeholders. To schedule a consultation, please visit the contact section below or call (949) 888-6627. 



Who do we work with? Our client partners include: private equity, investment banking, PEO, business services, mid-market business and sports franchise investors. Any organization that is looking to grow revenue, improved operational efficiency and increase net profit, purchase an asset or sell the organization will benefit from the approach at Business Resource Center, Inc. Private equity and investment bankers within the PEO and business services industries often utilize BRC’s advisory, sourcing, due diligence and consulting platform.
What do we do? Our business is comprised of three main divisions. M&A, business consulting and our PEO managing general agency (MGA). M&A: sourcing, due diligence, consulting, consolidation and advisory and exit services. Business Consulting: financial analysis, strategy, leadership development, culture analysis, revenue growth, net profit increase, operational efficiency, marketing, lean process and supply chain improvement. PEO MGA: we specialize in mid-market business ranging from $2MM to $50MM in payroll. We vet, conduct an objective analysis, work with underwriting, meet with the insured, negotiate contracts and pricing and place coverage with the PEO.
When should you contact Business Resource Center, Inc.? When your organization is looking to grow, optimize or increase profit. Private equity and investment bankers should contact BRC at the beginning of the strategy process to develop a framework to maximize exit ROI. PEOs that are contemplating selling should contact BRC to maximize buyer opportunities and discuss pre-exit strategy.
Where can Business Resource Center, Inc. help your organization? In multiple facets of running a business, inclusive of: M&A, acquisition assimilation, operational improvement, financial analysis, strategy, sales, channel development, go-to-market strategy, leadership development, workforce optimization, marketing, design, lean manufacturing, supply chain management and market research.
Prior to starting Business Resource Center, Inc. the founder met with thousands of business owners across a variety of industries and revenues. While successful business owners and executive management normally had solutions in common impactful areas of their business, there was often a gap in possessing the necessary expertise across all areas that could benefit the financial health of the organization. BRCI allows business owners to tap into experts within their fields to obtain solutions designed to drive quantifiable results without having to incur the overhead of employing these experts on a regular basis.